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This is our newest advertising video.

which contains some of our projects from the last few months

We really love to tell stories!

That's why this is another favorite advertising video that we have created 

Video testimonials are a very useful way to send a message or promote your business, services.

 Is a method of eye contact with the audience, and will give greater confidence to the target audience.

It's not the first time when we deliver projects for the Maltese government or for the European Parliament.

Here is just one example.

One of our favorite productions this year is a Valentine's Day commercial for a well-known Maltese jewelry brand.

We understand how important certain moments are in a person's life, which is why we try to create the most beautiful memories that they will watch with pleasure over the years.

"Back to Life" it's a film produced for "Landsberg first Class Aesthetic Company" which presents the complete Congress event from start to finish.

Employee recruiting videos can be a game changer to show the ambiance and help gain trust for new recruits for your company.

Pastizzi advertising video for a project with the most pleasant compliments we have received so far.

It was easy, everyone likes pastizzi!

Advertising for the mother's day campaign, a very beautiful project for CARISMA COLLECTION

Which conveys the emotion of giving.

Dance classes video advertising, testimonial type.

This is one of the real estate videos we made, a short version of the original video.

A presentation video from the opening of the first store of the Colcci brand in Malta.

A very challenging project for a talented dance artist, and it turned out to be one of the coolest dance videos we made.

A music video filmed in 2020 in Austria for a rap dance artist.

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