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Types of Videos We Produce

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  • Videos that usually promote brand.

  • A primary goal is to attract new customers.

  • Duration: 30 seconds-1 minute.

  • Commercials are usually distributed via TV, Youtube, Website


Social Media Video

  • Short video clips created for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. 

  • Duration: under 30 seconds.


 Product Video

  • A video which tells your audience about your best-selling products or services and their top features.

  • It shows your product in action and helps increase consumer confidence in your company or brand.

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  • Videos which show satisfied customers talking about their positive experience using your product or service.

  • Duration: 30 seconds-2 minutes.



  • mini-documentaries that beautifully capture the core values and mission statements of your company. Through engaging interviews with key figures such as founders, employees, or satisfied customers, we bring your story to life in a documentary-style format. Witness the power of storytelling as we showcase the essence of your brand and the impact it has on those involved.



  • Animation Videos have the power to engage your audience like no other.

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  • Development of a film idea (concept, script)

  • Editing and color grading in post-production

  • Cinema cameras in 6K resolution

  • Integration of the finished music video on YouTube or your website

In a Meeting

Recruiting video production / employer branding

  • Support your HR department with recruiting videos.

  • Video will make your corporate culture tangible and attract the applicants who fit your company. 

Wedding Embrace

Wedding Video

  • The #BCDIMAGE crew are specialists in video productions and films.

  • With a well-rehearsed team, professional technology and a high degree of creativity and attention to detail, film keeps the emotional moments of your wedding in moving images for eternity.

Newborn Baby

Childbirth video/newborn 

  • Our creative team helps to capture special moments to remember. 

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