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Types of Videos We Produce

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  • Videos that usually promote brand.

  • A primary goal is to attract new customers.

  • Duration: 30 seconds-1 minute.

  • Commercials are usually distributed via TV, Youtube, Website


Social Media Video

  • Short video clips created for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. 

  • Duration: under 30 seconds.


 Product Video

  • A video which tells your audience about your best-selling products or services and their top features.

  • It shows your product in action and helps increase consumer confidence in your company or brand.

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  • Videos which show satisfied customers talking about their positive experience using your product or service.

  • Duration: 30 seconds-2 minutes.



  • A videos which shows your company’s core value or mission statement in a documentary-style format.

  • This is usually accomplished through interviews with key company representatives, like founders, employees, or satisfied customers.



  • Animation Videos have the power to engage your audience like no other.

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  • Development of a film idea (concept, script)

  • Editing and color grading in post-production

  • Cinema cameras in 6K resolution

  • Integration of the finished music video on YouTube or your website

In a Meeting

Recruiting video production / employer branding

  • Support your HR department with recruiting videos.

  • Video will make your corporate culture tangible and attract the applicants who fit your company. 

Wedding Embrace

Wedding Video

  • The #BCDIMAGE crew are specialists in video productions and films.

  • With a well-rehearsed team, professional technology and a high degree of creativity and attention to detail, film keeps the emotional moments of your wedding in moving images for eternity.

Newborn Baby

Childbirth video/newborn 

  • Our creative team helps to capture special moments to remember. 

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